Commercial for Vitus apotek. I Worked as the Props master / Set decorator. Project was a collaberation between Fredrik fiction and Bates reklamebyrå.
First full iteration of the film
Location before
We had to make this small showroom store look like a fully functional pharmacy, and all the products has to be replaced. Also the hallway behind the glass wall had to be replaced with a digital street.
Location after
New shelving was installed and most of the products replaced.
During the shoot. a greenscreen was placed in the hallway and replaced in post.
The desk
The reverse shot was supposed to be the counter at a pharmacy. With a fully functioning drug karussell.
But the shere size of it made it imposible.
I made a quick sketchup to convince the customer of this.
We ended up replaceing the backgrund and shot the carusel as a plate
Product shot
Counter also needed a shiny surface, so i had to make a new top for the counter. I did some experimentation and found that the only thing shiny enough was a glass top.
That gave them the opportunity to keep the counter top to do product shots later to replace in the video for later versions.
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