Thomas Underhaug Fosseli is a trained production designer at the Norwegian Film School and has longer experience as a set designer in TV drama, advertising, music video, short film etc. Among his productions we find Yellowbirds Occupied, NRK's Mammon 2, Snøfall, Monsters Meglerne, Folkevalgt, Livstid, Tordenfilms Made in Oslo, Kuppel 16 and more.
Concept development
Whether as a department manager, set designer or consultant under other department heads, Thomas can take responsibility for the production in the form of visual conceptualization.
Technical drawings
One of Thomas' strengths is a high level of expertise in Trimble's Sketchup. Locations, studio decorations and scenography for the stage are quickly modeled in 3D. The model is a useful tool for communication between all departments in production from directing, scenographers, props, photography, lighting, etc.
When the scenography is set, the 3D model is interest-drawn and taken out in the form of a plan and layout for studio and stage carpenters and decorators. As well as templates for CNC machines and 3D printers can also be exported.
Thomas is also happy to take responsibility for following up the construction process.
Graphical props
Scenography, especially drama, often has several graphic elements. Whether you are talking about the logo of the fictional restaurant or the pictures that will be on the screen in the background.
With Thomas having combined experience in graphic design and multimedia, he is happy to relieve the production by producing these elements for you.
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