Fees and prices are determined based on project type based on rates from the Norwegian Film Union.

The pricing is based on an hourly rate. Please get in touch with me so that I can provide you with an estimate of the hours required for your particular project.
(Prices are subject to change, info below is from 2023)

Project Rates:
 - Cultural, Art, Drama, or Theater Production - 520 kr per hour (Exempt from VAT/MVA)
 - TV Entertainment - 560 kr per hour + VAT/MVA
 - Commercial prices: 740 to 810 kr per hour + VAT/MVA 

Courses and workshops:
Courses and workshops are available upon request.
Sessions can accommodate either 1-on-1 instruction or groups of up to 6 individuals (with 4 recommended). Participants are required to provide their own equipment, software, and venue. Alternatively, sessions can be conducted digitally via Zoom.
The full-day rate is 6500 kr (6 hours inclusive of breaks), while the half-day rate is 4500 kr (3 hours inclusive of breaks).
I tailor the curriculum according to specific needs and offer a diverse range of expertise in Sketchup and Adobe software.
For shorter online workshops, 1-on-1 video guidance is available at 500 kr per half hour.
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