{Fos-con} noun  
1. Short for Fosseli Consulting  
2. Creative Professional Visual designer with a high technical expertise.
3. Person who likes to learn new skills, as well as helping  and training others to reach their full creative potential
FOSCON is self-employed consultant firm with Thomas U. Fosseli as the sole proprietor since 2018. From 2002 to 2018 the firm was a small liable company own by all of the Fosseli family. Now after some has retired to their pension and other gone on their own venture it has transformed inn to a purely visual design company with focus on Film and TV production.
Thomas produces designs, guides, consults and teaches the medium. He has a bachelordegree in Production Design from the Norwegian film school as well as a degree in Graphics and Multimedia design. He also has a high technical expertise and specializes in digital tools like SketchUp and Adobe CC.
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