{Fos-con} noun  
1. Short for Fosseli Consulting  
2. Creative Professional Visual designer with a high technical expertise.
3. Person who likes to learn new skills, as well as helping  and training others to reach their full creative potential
Fosseli Consulting (Aka FosCon) is a self-employed consultant firm with me; Thomas U. Fosseli, as the sole proprietor since 2018.  My focus is on visual design both as department leader, designer and consultant for industries like film, TV, interactive production and more.

I produce designs, guide, consult and teach the medium. I have a bachelor’s degree in production design from the Norwegian film school as well as a degree in Graphics and Multimedia design. I also have a high technical expertise and specializes in digital tools like SketchUp and Adobe CC Software. I also have some experience working with Blender, Unity and Unreal.

My fees are set to the standard of the Norwegian Film Union. Please contact me for any endeavor as I love new challenges.
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