Produced by Storm Films.
A boy is fighting for survival in the deserted ruins of what used to be a city. Suddenly, from behind a massive wall, someone or something tries to communicate with the boy. His reaction might mean the difference between life or death. 

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Storm Films & Pravda
Producers: Fredrik Støbakk & John Einar Hagen
Director / Writer: Lars Klevberg
DOP: Audun G. Magnæs
Production Design: Thomas Fosseli
Editor: Elin Martinsen
Sound Design: Rikard Strømsodd
Composer: Henrik Skram
Sound Mix: Tormod Ringnes
VFX: Storm Studios

Mattepaintings: Nikolai Lockertsen
Location. Grynerløkka Oslo
Consept references
Concept sketch
Decorated location
Decorated location
VFX ref.sketch.
VFX skyline references.
Short look behind the scenes. Read the full article on comoyo,no.
Final result:
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