I was honored to be apart of the early design and planning of the set builds for Snøfall. Along with production designer Siri Landalen and co set designer Øyvind Langdalen.  The look and design is heavily inspired by russian countryside wood architecture and norwegian carving. The Series aired 1. december 2016 to critical acclaim.
A virtual tour of Snøfall.

The entire exterior set filled a 22x24 m hall.
It contained 18+ individual building pieces
Rendered and lit concepts:
The Portal
Early concepts of the Garden Portal. This was an idee cut for practical issues with VFX. Was to resemble ice in showfall and stone in the garden. 
In early drafts of the concept the portal would have the ability to be turned on and off.
Later a more practical design was made and the portal was moved to a side street to avoid to many VFX shots.
Like many of the details in snowfall, its embodiments was made with a CNC printer and decorated to resemble nisse (gnome) workmanship.
Fireplaces and furnaces
The School door
Based on an existing russian art nouveau door. It fas made in layers of CNC prints and then detailed with plaster. The result is amazing and a true testament of the set painters craftsmanship.
Ruth's books and antiques
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