Production Design and Art Direction for We won't forget Musicvideo. The Cyber Punk inspired Musicvideo for the BlackJazz band Shining.
Company: BlæstFILM Director: Kyrre Larsen, Producer: Dag Sætran, DP: Christer Breisnes Runde, Production Design: Thomas Underhaug Fosseli. Props and assistant set decorators: Tea Wolff, Katinka Grinde Levorstad, Ida Skjefstad & Isak Gundrosen.  Featuring: Claudia Alette Bull & Eric Michael Molumby
The final product
Conseptart. Female Android
Setbuild and decoration - Female Android
Monitor preview. Set built with several point direct light sources and filmed anamorph for classic cyber lense flares.
Setting 2 - Female Android
Decoration Setup for Male Android
Consept Storage room
Location During shoot... Black painted maniquins in a storage location with black moltion and plastic sheet walls.
Consept Vocalist Monkebys control room.
Setbuild with props out of milk trolleys and dumpster props.
Monitor preview of the vocalist setup
A financial consept with a low budget studio build.
The different set build settings were set up using a set element design that opend up for diversity using the same 6 set elements and setwalls. Decorated with props from dumpsterdiving. 
Simply by rearranging the set pieces we created 6 different setups with only 30-45 min of re-rigging.
Female Android setup
Male Android setup
Vocalist setup
Drums setup
Setbuild on the drum shoot
Guitar setup
Setbuild on bass shoot. (we desided to switch base and guitar around)
Bass setup
Final video premiering soon.
The crew
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